7 Things that are Strange About Moving to Montana

7 Things that are Strange About Moving to Montana

Montana is home to some of the most beautiful views and wide-open spaces in America. There are beautiful parks such as Glacier National Park and beautiful lakes all around. Montana is a state with a low population, which may be a change for people looking to move to Montana. This is not the only thing that may be strange, however. Continue reading below to learn about some of the most unusual things that you find out after relocating to Montana.

1. The most common wildlife is elk.

Though there are other members of the range of wildlife in Montana, including bears and deer, elks are the most common wildlife members. Elk are massive creatures that can span upwards of five feet at shoulder height. Do not be surprised if a herd of elk is what is holding up traffic, however. They are indeed everywhere.

2. Montana weather is not what you think it will be.

Typical Montana weather is a bit all over the place. Many come to Montana, expecting it to be freezing. Though this is true, it is possible to experience temperatures of all four seasons in one day.

The weather in Montana is usually cold, but may significantly vary in a day.

3. It is possible to be the only car on the interstate at any given time.

As aforementioned, the population of Montana is tiny. The community is only around one million people in the entire state. For this reason, it is possible to travel down the interstate and never pass another car, especially if you are only going a few miles.

4. The rodeo is very important to the people of Montana.

The rodeo is the primary source of entertainment for the people of Montana. With this in mind, the cowboy life transforms to affect all areas of life. Many individuals, even at black-tie events, can be found wearing cowboy hats and cowboy boots. Most individuals will wear what is practical for them, which in many instances, is cowboy and ranch attire.

5. Hot springs are the most relaxing part of Montana.

Hot springs are some of the most popular natural spots for enjoyment and relaxation in Montana. They are indeed everywhere, and many Montana residents believe that you have not experienced pure relaxation until you have experienced a soak in a hot spring. When moving to Montana, be sure that you find a hot spring to experience for yourself.

Hot springs are the common source of relaxation in Montana. (Image Source: Bozeman Hot Springs)

6. Freedom is a big deal.

Freedom is fundamental to residents of Montana. It means that it is essential to respect a Montana resident’s Bill of Rights. With this in mind, many Montana residents carry guns, so do not be alarmed when you see a gun holstered to the side of someone’s belt loops.

7. The biggest city only has a population of 110,000.

The biggest city in Montana is Billings and only has a population of around 110,000 people. Many Montana residents are very pleased with going to visit this city, as it offers the best amenities with shopping, the zoo, and restaurants.

Montana truly is a beautiful state to consider moving to – some parts of Montana are genuinely unique, but you will adjust to these strange features. Become a Montana resident by learning to love some of these tips.

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