Seven of the Best Places to Call Home in The Treasure State

Seven of the Best Places to Call Home in The Treasure State

There is a lot of varied terrain in Montana. It is a diverse territory that has many places you can proudly set roots in. When living in a great location is your goal, then consider one of these seven places to live in Montana.

7. Whitefish

The small population of Whitefish will draw in a lot of people that want seclusion. Despite the small community, it is a popular vacation destination for families. With a growing job sector, you can start a career or raise a family. Over time, Whitefish may become just as diverse as the big city.

6. Dillon

Dillon is the home of the biggest weekend Labor Day Parade in Montana. If you’re a fan of community events, then this is one that is worth visiting every year. But the main attraction to Dillon is the affordable housing market. There are a lot of dream homes in this area that you can turn into family homes.

5. Helena

It is another small community on the list with reasonably priced homes. There are some differences between Helena and Dillion. Dillion has better shopping choices, while Helena has better homes. You’ll spend a little more for a home in Helena, but the difference in value is noticeable.

4. Four Corners

When people make lists about places to visit in Montana, Four Corners is always in the top three. It is built for commuting and raising a family. There is excellent support for local businesses, so it isn’t uncommon to find a lot of new networking opportunities. Four Corners also has one of the lowest crime rates per person and always ranks as one of the safest places to live in the region.

3. Missoula

For the universal appeal, Missoula is the place to set up a home. It has the most diversity and culture in Montana without being a big bustling city. The history behind it is exciting and always talked about in the local schools. There are some outstanding schools and shopping areas in Missoula that are worth checking out.

2. Bozeman

Bozeman is large, gorgeous, and is a place that you’ll never forget. The Rockies are close by and make for a very scenic view if you purchase the right house. The homes, schools, community, and shopping centers are top-notch in the Bozeman area. Every place worth visiting in Bozeman is easily commutable, and will only get better as the city expands.

1. Livingston

Livingston is only an hour away from the famous Yellowstone National Park. It is a great place to settle down if you like hiking or going for bike rides. Its nightlife makes it the premier choice for visitors that want the full Colorado experience without having to deal with the big city.

Wrap Up

Once you settle in, Montana can provide an endless amount of joy. It is a place that is known for a lot more than the Rocky Mountains and Glacier National Park. When you want to roam and explore one of the best places in America, then Montana is a great choice.

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